Bryan & Armstrong can help with legal advice on harassment and offer a 20% discount on your first consultation

Bryan & Armstrong can play a pivotal role in aiding legal support to victims of harassment. Solicitors possess several legal avenues to combat harassment on behalf of their clients. Firstly, they can initiate civil litigation, pursuing restraining orders or injunctions against the harasser. These legal actions can compel the harasser to cease their harmful behavior or face legal consequences.

Legal Advice on Harassment

Solicitors can also explore criminal charges, assisting clients in reporting harassment to law enforcement authorities. In cases of workplace harassment, solicitors can guide clients through filing complaints with relevant administrative bodies such as the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) or equivalent organisations, which may result in investigations and penalties against the harasser or their employer. Additionally, solicitors can provide legal counsel on documenting instances of harassment and preserving evidence for legal proceedings. Bryan & Armstrong are also offering a 20% discount on any first consultation regarding family law.

Protection from Harassment

Harassment can range from persistent unwanted communication, such as repeated phone calls or emails, to more severe forms of intimidation and stalking. Actions like following someone, making threats, or distributing personal information without consent constitute harassment. Cyber harassment, including online trolling and cyberstalking, also falls within this scope. The law recognises that harassment can cause significant distress and harm to individuals, irrespective of the medium or method used. As such, varying degrees of harassment are addressed through legal channels to protect victims’ rights and well-being.

Bryan & Armstrong can help victims of harassment by obtaining injunctions, such as non-molestation orders and occupation orders, to safeguard them from further harm. We will assess each case, gathering evidence and drafting compelling legal documents to present to the court. We can represent clients during hearings, advocating for their rights and safety. Additionally, Bryan & Armstrong can liaise with relevant authorities, such as the police and social services, to ensure comprehensive protection measures are in place.

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