Landlord and tenant disputes can arise at any time over a variety of issues

Landlord and tenant disputes are a pretty common occurence especially given how many rented properties there are in the UK. At Bryan & Armstrong we have a first class team of solicitors when it comes to residential or commercial property that will work with you to get the right result. There are many common causes when it comes to landlord and tenant disputes, here are five that we have dealt with over the years.

Rent Arrears

One of the most common causes of disputes between landlords and tenants is rent arrears. When tenants fail to pay their rent on time, landlords may become frustrated and take action to recover the outstanding amount. This can lead to disputes over late fees, interest charges, and eviction.

Property Damage

Another common reason for disputes between landlords and tenants is property damage. If tenants cause damage to the property, landlords may seek compensation for repairs. Disputes can arise when tenants dispute the amount of damage caused or the cost of repairs.

Deposit Disputes

When a tenancy agreement comes to an end, landlords will usually deduct the cost of any damage caused by the tenant from the deposit. Disputes can arise if the tenant disputes the amount deducted, or if the landlord fails to return the deposit in a timely manner. The deposit protection scheme can provide mediation and arbitration services to help resolve disputes.

Maintenance and Repairs

Another common cause of disputes between landlords and tenants is maintenance and repairs. Tenants have the right to expect that the property they rent is safe and in good condition. When things go wrong, such as a leaking roof or broken boiler, tenants may demand that the landlord fix the problem. Disputes can arise if the landlord fails to carry out repairs in a timely manner or if the tenant is accused of causing the damage.

Breach of Contract

Disputes can also arise when either the landlord or the tenant breaches the terms of the tenancy agreement. For example, a tenant may sublet the property without the landlord’s consent, or the landlord may fail to provide the agreed-upon services or amenities, such as heating or electricity. Disputes can arise over who is responsible for the breach and what should be done to rectify the situation.

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