Arrangements for children should always come first. Separation, divorce or the breakdown of a relationship for an unmarried couple all have the potential to cause considerable distress for any children involved.

Wherever possible, all arrangements for children should not only meets their needs but also provide both parents with the means to adjust to their new situation, without undue disturbance. If you and your ex partner are unable to reach an agreement and if the courts have to become involved we can offer a fixed fee package of £125 + VAT to assist you in completing the initial application to the court. But if it is your first consultation with us, we can offer a discount of 20% on this first appointment. This appointment would last for 30 minutes. We can also provide advice and assistance. This could include providing advice on your prospects of success, assisting you in drafting a statement etc.

The effects that parent seperation can have on children are many, which is why their welfare comes first

The effects of a parental split can reverberate deeply within the lives of children, impacting them emotionally, psychologically, and socially. Initially, children often experience a whirlwind of emotions including confusion, sadness, anger, and sometimes guilt. Psychologically, children may struggle with feelings of abandonment or rejection, especially if one parent moves out of the family home. They might also find themselves blaming themselves for the breakup or feeling torn between loyalties. This can lead to issues with self-esteem and trust in relationships later in life.

In terms of social dynamics, children of divorced or separated parents may struggle to adjust to changes in family structure and routines. They may experience disruptions in their friendships, academic performance, and extracurricular activities as they adjust to the new situation. Additionally, co-parenting arrangements can introduce challenges in maintaining relationships with both parents, especially if there’s tension or conflict between them. The impact of a parental split on children underscores the importance of providing them with love, stability, and understanding during this difficult time ang getting the arrangements for children right is so important.

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