Unmarried couple disputes can at times, be far more complex than dealing with a divorce, due to the subjective nature of the issues.

The breakdown of any relationship is difficult and to some degree this can be even harder for unmarried couples disputes, as there are often very complex financial problems to be resolved. More often than not there will be a property at the centre of the dispute. We appreciate the difficulties that can arise from this situation and work with you to try and resolve matters as quickly as possible. Bryan & Armstrong can ease that pressure a little bit by offering a 20% discount off your first consultation.

The issues regarding unmarried couples disputes can complicate any resolution

Unmarried couples face a myriad of potential disputes, primarily due to the lack of legal protection afforded to them compared to married couples. One significant issue is property ownership. Unlike married couples, unmarried partners don’t automatically have rights to each other’s property. Disputes often arise when one partner believes they should have a share in property they’ve contributed to financially or through other means, but there’s no clear legal framework to guide such disputes.

Another common issue is regarding children. While parental responsibility and custody arrangements are clearer for married couples, unmarried partners may find themselves in contentious disputes over parental rights, custody, and financial support. Inheritance is also a major concern. Unmarried partners do not have automatic inheritance rights, which can lead to disputes over assets and property when one partner dies without a will. Financial matters such as joint debts and expenses can become contentious without clear agreements in place as well.

Overall, the lack of legal recognition for unmarried couples in the UK leaves them vulnerable to disputes in various aspects of their lives, including property ownership, children, inheritance, and financial matters. Addressing these issues often requires complex legal processes and agreements to protect the rights and interests of both partners.

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