One of the main concerns for unmarried couples is property ownership disputes.

More often than not property ownership disputes are the main cause of concern when unmarried couples split up. We appreciate the difficulties that can arise from this situation and work with you to try and resolve matters as quickly as possible. Bryan & Armstrong can ease that pressure a little bit by offering a 20% discount off your first consultation.

Unmarried couples may face complex property ownership disputes due to the lack of legal frameworks that govern the division of assets like those available for married couples. When an unmarried couple buys property together, they often do not clarify ownership proportions or what happens in the event of a breakup. Disputes can arise over the equitable distribution of property, especially if one partner has contributed more financially or has paid for improvements and maintenance. Without a clear, legally binding agreement, proving each party’s contributions can be challenging.

The issues regarding property ownership disputes can complicate any resolution

Another common issue is the distinction between joint tenancy and tenancy in common. In joint tenancy, both parties have equal ownership and the right of survivorship, meaning the property automatically passes to the other upon one’s death. In tenancy in common, each party owns a specified share, which can be passed to heirs. Disputes may arise if the couple disagrees on these terms or if there is ambiguity in the property title.

Additionally, issues may occur when one partner’s name is on the mortgage, but both have contributed to payments. The non-titled partner might face difficulties claiming their share. To mitigate these disputes, it is crucial for unmarried couples to establish clear, written agreements outlining ownership, contributions, and procedures for resolving conflicts before purchasing property together.

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