Personal Injury

How do I know whether I can make a claim?

If you have been injured in an accident, whether at work, in a public place, in a vehicle or even as a result of using some faulty equipment, you might be entitled to claim compensation for those injuries.

The law does not automatically provide a right to compensation because you have suffered from an injury and therefore you will have to prove that the person who caused the accident was negligent or in  breach of their duty to you.

Our firm supports and complies with the Association of Personal Injury Lawyers (APIL) Charter, which is a code of best practice for cases involving personal injury claims.

What do I need to do to start a claim?

You will need to gather as many details as possible for the accident and your injuries so that you can tell your solicitor all of the relevant facts. It may help you to keep a diary of the timeline of events as well as photographs of the injury as you go through recovery.  Keeping a record of the details will prevent inaccuracies occurring which can have an impact on your claim.

The following acts as a good checklist:

  • The date and the time the accident happened
  • Where and how the accident happened
  • The full details of the other party
  • The contact details of any witnesses to the accident
  • The details of your injuries including any medical diagnosis and/or any treatment received. You should retain evidence of this.
  • Whether you are a member of a Trade Union or any insurance policies which may have Legal Expenses cover
  • Any expenses or losses incurred following the accident

This list is not exhaustive as any information you can provide will be helpful and used in trying to get the best outcome for you.

How will I pay for this?

You may have heard the term ‘No Win No Fee’ before. This is a Conditional Fee Agreement that is put in place between you and your solicitor and you will only pay our costs as well as a ‘Success Fee’ if you win. No fee will be payable if you lose your case.

The main benefit of No Win No Fee is that it allows you to make your claim without any upfront cost. However, you may be asked to cover the cost of any disbursements necessary to assist you in your case. This is decided on a case by case basis.

We offer a free initial consultation so that the solicitor can ask questions about your claim to assess whether your case has a good prospect of success.

Bryan & Armstrong Solicitors have an experienced personal injury department that are here to advise you if you are looking to make a personal injury claim.

Please contact Adam Mikula or Jodie Holmes if you have further queries on or call us on 01623 624505.