Who Qualifies for Legal Aid?

What is the financial threshold for individuals in order to qualify for legal aid? So, who qualifies for legal aid? Legal aid is means-tested, meaning it’s only available to those below a certain level of income. Currently in civil cases, the upper gross monthly income limit is £2,657. Those in receipt of some state [...]

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Legal Advice on Harassment

Bryan & Armstrong can help with legal advice on harassment and offer a 20% discount on your first consultation Bryan & Armstrong can play a pivotal role in aiding legal support to victims of harassment. Solicitors possess several legal avenues to combat harassment on behalf of their clients. Firstly, they can initiate civil litigation, [...]

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The Financial Cost of Divorce

Divorce is much more than money, but the financial cost of divorce is the first logical step to think about The financial cost of divorce is perhaps one of the first hurdles that any separating couple needs to consider. There are many other emotional and social consequences of divorce, but how much everything will [...]

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Advice on Domestic Violence

Bryan & Armstrong can help with advice on domestic violence issues, ranging from personal protection to criminal prosecution. Advice on domestic violence cases are generally very delicate and cases can be highly emotive and require particularly sensitive handling as clients may have endured many years of abuse. We provide advice on options for criminal [...]

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Forged Wills… How Do You Know?

Forged wills in some instances can be hard to validate, it may take a professional eye to pick out the finer details. In the United Kingdom, a forged will refers to a falsified or fraudulent testamentary document, which purports to represent the final wishes of a deceased individual but has been manipulated, altered, or [...]

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5 Reasons Your Will May be Invalid

Most people will not even realise if there will is legally binding or not. Here's 5 reasons your will may be invalid. Many people don't consider the value of writing a will when making future plans. In this blog we give you 5 reasons your will may be invalid. Having a will clarifies how [...]

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An Inability to Make a Will May Invalidate it

If you have an inability to make a will, it could be invalidated. Our free review will give you the answers. The mental inability to make a will may deem it invalidated in a court of law, should your relatives contest it. Having a will clarifies how your property and possessions will be dispersed [...]

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Can Revocation Invalidate Your Will?

Can revocation invalidate your will? Our free review will give you the answers. So, can revocation invalidate your will? The simple answer is yes. A will can be revoked in a number of ways, such as by making a subsequent will that expressly revokes the earlier one, or by destroying the original will with [...]

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