If you are looking to change your name then we can assist you by preparing a Change of Name Deed confirming your new name replaces your previous. This is most commonly used for changing children’s names, following a divorce, no longer using your birth name or for transgender people.

You may have read that you can also change your name via Deed Poll but this is not always an option for people as there are various other requirements in order to do use the service.

We will ask to see all of your current ID and will ask for the reason for the name change. This is so we can be certain of your identity and the reason for the name change is not subject to any illegal activity.

The type of ID we require is passport/driving licence and/or birth certificate. We would also need a separate, up to date proof of address for you. It is important to remember that all forms of identity will need changing once your name has changed, including your driving licence and passport.

If a Change of Name Deed is urgently required, we will try our best to book an appointment within a week of your instructions.

Changing a child’s name is an important decision to make, and should not be done maliciously against the other parent. For a parent being able to change a child’s name depends on whether or not they have Parental Responsibility for the child. We would always ask for written authorisation from the other parent confirming that they are agreeable to the name change. If you are the sole guardian of the child then we would require confirmation of the same.

The fee for our Change of Name Deed is £150 + VAT (£180). We will provide you with the original Change of Name Deed with 5 certified copies. If any further copies are required then this can be requested prior to the appointment and there will be an additional fee for this.

If you have any queries regarding a Change of Name Deed then contact us on 01623 624 505 for a free, no obligation telephone discussion and ask for Jodie Holmes. Alternatively, you can send us an email: Jodie.Holmes@bryanandarmstrong.co.uk