Forged wills in some instances can be hard to validate, it may take a professional eye to pick out the finer details.

In the United Kingdom, a forged will refers to a falsified or fraudulent testamentary document, which purports to represent the final wishes of a deceased individual but has been manipulated, altered, or created with malicious intent. Forged wills undermine the integrity of the legal and inheritance system, and they are treated with utmost seriousness by the courts.

Several elements can constitute a forged will in the UK legal context:

1. Falsified Signatures: One of the most common forms of forgery involves the replication of the testator’s (the person making the will) signature. A forged will may contain signatures that appear genuine but are, in fact, the work of a fraudster attempting to deceive beneficiaries, heirs, and the legal system.

2. Fabricated Content: A forged will might also include fabricated provisions, instructions, or bequests that do not reflect the true intentions of the deceased. This manipulation aims to channel assets or property to individuals who would not have rightfully received them according to the authentic wishes of the testator.

3. Misleading Witnesses: In accordance with UK law, a valid will usually requires the presence and signatures of witnesses. Forged wills might involve the use of individuals who falsely claim to have witnessed the signing of the will or who provide statements that are not accurate.

4. Coercion and Duress: Forged wills can result from undue influence or coercion. If the testator was forced or manipulated into creating or amending a will against their own volition, the resulting document may be considered a forgery.

5. Unlawful Creation: A forged will may also be one that was created without the knowledge or consent of the testator, possibly by an individual seeking personal gain or control over the estate.

The legal system in the UK takes a strong stance against forged wills due to their potential to disrupt the rightful distribution of assets and to exploit vulnerable individuals, particularly the elderly. Those suspecting the existence of a forged will should seek legal counsel promptly to address the matter through appropriate legal channels.

Creating a will is an important step in planning for the future. It allows you to choose how your assets will be distributed, can help to avoid family disputes, reduce estate taxes, name a guardian for your children, and provide peace of mind. But all these benefits will be for nothing if the will has been forged.

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