Bryan & Armstrong can help with advice on domestic violence issues, ranging from personal protection to criminal prosecution.

Advice on domestic violence cases are generally very delicate and cases can be highly emotive and require particularly sensitive handling as clients may have endured many years of abuse. We provide advice on options for criminal prosecution, personal protection and protection from harassment.

Criminal prosecution

Bryan & Armstrong can play a pivotal role in aiding criminal prosecution in domestic violence cases by offering comprehensive legal support to victims. We provide guidance on navigating complex legal procedures, including filing police reports, obtaining restraining orders, and representing clients in court. Our dedicated team will gather evidence, such as medical records (if necessary) and witness testimonies, to strengthen the case against the perpetrator.

We will liaise with law enforcement agencies and prosecutors to ensure thorough investigation and presentation of evidence. Added to that the team at Bryan & Armstong can offer emotional support and advocacy, empowering victims to seek justice and protection. Our expertise ensures that victims receive fair treatment and perpetrators are held accountable for their actions.

Protection from Harassment

Harassment can range from persistent unwanted communication, such as repeated phone calls or emails, to more severe forms of intimidation and stalking. Actions like following someone, making threats, or distributing personal information without consent constitute harassment. Cyber harassment, including online trolling and cyberstalking, also falls within this scope. The law recognises that harassment can cause significant distress and harm to individuals, irrespective of the medium or method used. As such, varying degrees of harassment are addressed through legal channels to protect victims’ rights and well-being.

Bryan & Armstrong can help victims of harassment by obtaining injunctions, such as non-molestation orders and occupation orders, to safeguard them from further harm. We will assess each case, gathering evidence and drafting compelling legal documents to present to the court. We can represent clients during hearings, advocating for their rights and safety. Additionally, Bryan & Armstrong can liaise with relevant authorities, such as the police and social services, to ensure comprehensive protection measures are in place.

Bryan & Armstrong can support you with all aspects of family law, from divorce, domestic abuse, legal aid, unmarried couple disputes, arrangements for children and starting a new relationship

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